​​​Excellent Service for the Walled Lake/Commerce Twp area. Many of my neighbors use them and we are very pleased with them.​



Great Job every time. I have used them for the last 3 year. I highly recommend them.


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Protect your home from insects invasions with a barrier treatment around your home's perimeter. The best way to prevent indoor insect problems is to stop the bugs outside, before they enter the house. We will provide an insect shield around the outside of your home that controls such pests as ants, spiders, fleas, ticks and many more, before they have a chance to enter. 

Without ever setting foot in your home we will create a barrier surrounding your house to keep pesky insects where they belong... outside. 

Each visit we will focus our attention on these common entry points and favorite hang outs: Foundation, window wells and crawl space vents, ground covers and mulch beds, under decks and any doorway thresholds. We also spray a 6 foot barrier around the entire foundation of the home. 

We offer up to 5 treatments per year timed to keep your home insect free and comfortable for you and your family. 

Perimeter Pest Control 

Protect your family and lawn with our Pest Control Programs.